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About – Hillside Hydro Co
+1 704-396-6134 3100 Northwest Blvd Gastonia, NC 28052
+1 704-396-6134 3100 Northwest Blvd Gastonia, NC 28052

About Us

How Hillside Hydro Co. Began

It had always been a complaint within our community that after the local summer crops were gone, finding a great tasting tomato was nearly impossible.  It was apparent that much of the produce you purchased in the stores had been picked hundreds of miles away and transported over long distances with no light resulting in a tasteless product.

A friend introduced us to his hydroponically grown tomato in the midst of winter and we were shocked!! The flavor was amazing and knowing the availability of these vegetables within hours of being picked gave us a new business idea!  We began to research the technique and found that growing in a soilless controlled environment was a growing trend with many benefits.  As co-workers in a construction business we decided that it was time to take a risk and jump into our very own business.  We began looking at sites for a greenhouse. We wanted a location that would allow us to move our product to the end user quickly and with ease to ensure our customers received the freshest produce year round.

We broke ground on our site next to Interstate I-85, built our 48’ x 135’ greenhouse, installed a high-tech nutrient growing system and will hit the ground with product in hand in January 2017.  We will target our local restaurants and markets.  Our product will be delivered the same day it is harvested to ensure that our customers get the freshest produce possible year-round.


Construction Progress

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