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Hillside Hydro Co – Healthy.Delicious.Flavorful
+1 704-396-6134 3100 Northwest Blvd Gastonia, NC 28052
+1 704-396-6134 3100 Northwest Blvd Gastonia, NC 28052

Story About Us

3 Women. 1 Passion.

It had always been a complaint within our community that after the local summer crops were gone, finding a great tasting tomato was nearly impossible.  It was apparent that much of the produce you purchased in the stores had been picked hundreds of miles away and transported over long distances with no light resulting in a tasteless product.

A friend introduced us to his hydroponically grown tomato in the midst of winter and we were shocked!! The flavor was amazing and…

More About Us

Our Goal

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Why Choose Us

We're Local

We pride ourselves on being one of the few companies in the Gastonia/Charlotte areas that uses the hydroponic method to grow tomatoes. Since we’re local we can provide fast delivery in a matter of hours as opposed to days. Many stores and restaurants that buy hydroponically grown produce purchase from companies farther west that are simply not able to match our delivery speed. 

We Grow Our Produce Quickly

Since we use the hydroponic method we are able to grow our tomatoes quickly. Using hydroponics allows us to grow our produce around 50% faster than if we grew them in soil. This process allows us to closely monitor what goes into our produce, which ultimately helps us deliver a better final product. 

Why We Chose Hydroponics

  • I really like the idea of being able to make fresh, clean, and flavorful produce available during the fall and winter months.

  • The use of hydroponics will allow us to control the growing environment which will maximize our yields, keep our crop safe from contaminants, and give us fresh tomatoes in the cold season.

  • Myself and almost everyone I talked to were desperate for a good looking, good tasting product year round. We got together and decided we can do that!


Our Passion

Each of us here at Hillside Hydro Co. share a passion to provide fresh, local, and nutritious produce to our customers. Our goal is to give our clients a quick, dependable, and easy experience that is unmatched. We value two things above all else: the quality of our produce and the satisfaction of our clients. 

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